[but here it is anyway]


you're having a brutally honest conversation with yourself

you drawl upon your most recent emotional journey;

you've won countless battles in your head but your words signal a white flag.

you're too young to feel old -  too jaded to feel fresh - too worn to feel sad;

you think you know what you want, but you don't know what you need.

what do you know?

                      -    stop being an askhole.

so simple words will do. no complex chords upon odd rhythms. 

just pure emotions splashed over a canvas, direct to the core.

no excuses or fauxpology.

who started penning letters to friends ended with songs;

who blankets messages in tunes but ended up raw.

a singer-songwriter who likes indie pop.

this is;


DEON - Cover Image.jpg

DEON is an indie-pop singer-songwriter who blends earnest melodies and evocative lyrics, building an enduring collection of heartfelt songs over the years. Delineating music that is birthed from the disclosure towards depths inside defines him.

< influenced by artists such as Ásgeir, Rachael Yamagata, Tom Hardy, Chris Martin & Edgar Davids >

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